Sugaring vs. Laser Hair Removal: Which is the Best Method?

The art of hair removal has been handed down through generations.
The art of hair removal has been handed down through generations.

Sugaring is a natural hair removal process that involves using a paste made up of only three organic ingredients: sugar, water and lemon juice. It's so natural that it’s even edible! While sugaring may seem like a new way to remove unwanted hair for many of us, its history stretches back to ancient Egypt. It’s said that even Cleopatra used sugaring to keep her skin smooth and hairless. Long before we used plastic razors to shave our legs, humans were removing body hair with various forms of sugaring. During that time, the removal of body hair was considered an art form. Therefore, the art of hair removal has been handed down through generations, and to this day, sugaring is gaining popularity as a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional hair removal methods like waxing or shaving.

Sugaring’s Top Competitor

Over the centuries, the beauty industry has been in a constant state of evolution. With advancements in technology and a growing demand for innovative solutions, new methods of hair removal are regularly emerging. Until two years ago, sugaring’s main competitor was regular waxing, as it's a very similar method and is usually more accessible to people, whether they do it at home or at the salon.

However, in the last two years, the industry has shifted more towards laser hair removal. Laser technology has been around for over 50 years, but the technology has only recently become advanced enough to truly provide long-lasting results. In the past, we used to service hundreds of clients who finished their laser treatments, which reduced hair growth, but it never completely got rid of all the hair. So, they still had to do sugaring to take care of that. Additionally, the previous generation of laser machines did not work for all skin types, and people with darker skin tones couldn't use them. Furthermore, those older laser machines were painful for clients, with many describing the sensation as rubber bands snapping against the skin.

Now, most of the newest laser machines on the market are almost completely painless, and they work on all skin types. Also, most of these machines now only require about six sessions to guarantee results, compared to the more than 15 sessions required in the past. With the progress we've seen in laser machines over the last two years, we’ve realized that sugaring’s main competition is no longer waxing; it's laser hair removal!

But even though the popularity of laser treatments is increasing, many people still choose sugaring as their preferred method of hair removal. I’m sharing five reasons why that is based on the feedback I've received from the clients of Sugaring NYC.

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1. It is Natural

Sugaring is the cleanest method of hair removal. This all-natural composition appeals to clients who seek hair removal without the involvement of chemicals commonly found in other methods. Most of the clients who choose sugaring for this specific reason are passionate about clean and organic products. Some even say that they wash their dishes with vinegar or baking soda, even though there are many soaps available on the market.

2. Inclusivity

Sugaring is a method that celebrates inclusivity. It caters to all hair types, including peach fuzz and light or grey hair, which is not always the case with laser hair removal. Laser treatments tend to be more effective on individuals with fair skin and dark hair because the laser light needs in the hair to work effectively. Unfortunately, without pigment, the procedure will not be effective. Peach fuzz is generally lighter in color, making it unlikely that the laser will be able to target it successfully. Sugaring, on the other hand, works effectively on all hair and skin types.

3. Commitment

Not everyone wants to get rid of hair in some areas forever. Some people like to change it up, especially when it comes to pubic hair. Our clients say they like to grow it out sometimes, leave a landing strip or a triangle, and then maybe go completely bare the next time. With laser, once your hair is gone, it's gone forever, and not everyone is ready to commit to having some areas hair-free permanently.

4. Budget-Friendly

In an era where beauty often comes at a price, sugaring is an affordable option. While laser hair removal may promise permanent results, it demands multiple sessions, each accompanied by a significant cost. Sugaring, while not a permanent solution, provides an economical alternative for those who appreciate a more budget-friendly approach to hair removal.

5. Accessibility and Convivence

Sugaring's accessibility and convenience are hard to match. Whether it's a DIY kit at home or a visit to a sugaring salon, the method accommodates various preferences. Unlike laser hair removal, sugaring doesn't require specialized equipment or extensive training, making it more widely accessible.

The Sugaring Switch

In a world where laser hair removal and modern hair removal techniques dominate the conversation, sugaring persists as one of the top choices. Its natural ingredients, comfort, inclusivity, affordability and ease of access continue to captivate a dedicated clientele. While laser hair removal may promise enduring results, the allure of sugaring’s simplicity remains a beacon for many seeking a gentle, effective and less intimidating hair removal solution.

Ultimately, the choice between sugaring and laser hair removal hinges on individual preferences and budget considerations. I feel offering both sugaring and laser hair removal is the best way to go because even though many clients still choose sugaring over laser hair removal, more and more people are switching to laser, or doing a combination of both!

I also predict that most waxing companies in the market will eventually choose to offer laser hair removal alongside waxing. Whether it’s in five years or later, they’ll need to cater to various client preferences to remain competitive. However, I think it will take some time before laser hair removal becomes the top choice for most people. Until then, companies are unlikely to phase out waxing or sugaring services, as they will continue to be popular choices for many clients.

In 2013, Daria Nartov moved to New York from Europe and was shocked to discover that nowhere offered sugaring. After trying everything from waxing to threading, she realized there was a whitespace in the NYC market and a year later, opened the first Sugaring NYC location in Midtown. As a business founder, Daria fosters a culture of inclusivity and empowerment within her organization, paving the way for women to lead.

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