Author Guidelines

Manuscripts are considered for publication that contain original and new information in the general fields of skin care and makeup, dermatol­ogical, plastic and reconstr­uctive surgical techniques. The subject may cover the science of skin, the business of skin care and makeup establis­hments or of an individual esthetician, or treatments performed by estheticians, dermatol­ogists and plastic surgeons on healthy (i.​e. non-diseased) skin. Subjects may also deal with raw materials, formulations and regulations governing claims for products and equipment.

A manuscript must be written exclusively for this publication—not submitted to any other publication, and contain significant material not previously published elsewhere. Publication rights for reprints and other re-publication purposes is normally granted upon request.

Acceptance for publication is in the hands of the Editor in Chief. A decision will be given to an author within one month.

Technical Details

A manuscript must be submitted in English, although perfect grammar and style are not required. We reserve the right to edit all manuscripts accepted for publication. Any editing required will be done by our editorial staff.

All product trade names for product lines, drugs, equipment, etc. must be credited to their manufacturers including the city and state of manufacture. All facts quoted or used in the manuscript text from other literature sources must be properly referenced.

Illustrations should be provided as black and white glossy photographs. Original charts and graphs should be in black ink on white paper. They will be returned at the author's request. Photocopies of illustrations are most often not clear enough to be reproduced in a publication.

The usual scheduling of manuscripts typically is done three to six months in advance of publication. This will be the usual time between acceptance of a manuscript for publication and its appearance in the magazine.

Three copies of the final printed piece will be sent to the author upon publication.