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Versatile Waxing Services
Wax series, wax passes and memberships are other ways to use waxing as a tool to increase business.

Getting back to the basics of doing what we do as estheticians lands us here; we love what we do. We make people look and feel their best, all while making a living. But there’s more to it, especially when it comes to waxing. Waxing services can offer much more for your business and for your clients than just removing someone’s hair.

If we dive into the plethora of possibilities, it will help you understand how waxing is one of the most profitable and versatile of all salon and spa services. Waxing can intrigue clients into trying other services, be a bridge to smash your financial goals, and it can be a way to bring in new clients and achieve higher client retention.

Client retention is the gold standard for understanding if clients were happy with their service or not. However, if clients continue to return, keeping your retention high, but your income remains the same, something is stagnant. If your income increases, but clients do not return, there is a disconnect with the clients. It's a puzzle. Happy clients, new clients and increasing dollars are the end goal. Waxing services can be the conduit to solve the puzzle. Of the many angles that waxing can be utilized to change the trajectory of your business, here are some examples that show the versatility of professional waxing.

Cross Promotion

Cross promotion works by adding a waxing service in a different area of the salon or spa. This would be a predetermined promotion. For example, offering a complimentary eyebrow wax with a haircut appointment or a complimentary bikini wax with a manicure.

Consider expanding your menu to include lash lifts, lash and brow tinting and brow lamination. These are services that clients may not think to schedule but will love and will rebook with every appointment. The promotion will entice people to try something new. Create a promotion that offers a free lash tint with an eyebrow wax appointment. The lashes will speak for themselves! Or, do the reverse. For example, offer a free eyebrow wax with a lash or brow tint. You can customize your promotion to your specific business model, depending on if you are a salon, medical spa or a destination spa.

It is often smarter to offer a complimentary service with a low overhead than to simply discount a service, and cross promoting is a brilliant way to use waxing as a tool to increase awareness to other services or introduce waxing to other areas of your business.

Add-on Waxing Services

Like cross-promotion, you can add a waxing service to an existing waxing appointment. But, unlike a cross-promotion, add-on services take place during the appointment to maximize your time. Every appointment should offer something in addition to what is scheduled. This would be an add-on service and will maximize your time. Your offer should enhance what a client is already scheduled for. For example, offer an upper lip wax with an eyebrow wax, or an underarm wax with a bikini wax, or an inner thigh wax with a Brazilian wax or an ear wax with the nose wax.

It is smart to do an eyebrow wax before every facial. You can also offer an add-on to a waxing service that isn’t an additional waxing service like a jelly mask post-Brazilian or a paraffin hand treatment. This does not require the need to bring in a new client or add a newly scheduled appointment, but it’s maximizing your revenue with clients already scheduled. Plus, if they love the add-on service, they will schedule it the next time as well. By improving the client experience and introducing new services, you will increase your profit. Get creative, the sky is the limit.

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Creative Menu Planning

Create ways that are easy for clients to choose services without a sales pitch. Create a menu that is strategic by anticipating clients’ needs. This is unlike a promotion or add-on service, but instead is created within the actual menu or price list. The waxing price menu could and should be more than a list of services and prices. It should be a strategic way to incorporate other services.

Let’s say you are a spa geared toward professional men with a high amount of eyebrow wax appointments; a male eyebrow wax could be bundled with ear and nose waxing. Then, add a catchy name like “The Gentleman.” Group to be waxed areas together to increase interest in other waxing services. Another bundle could be “The Traveler” and could include a pedicure, Brazilian wax and an eyebrow wax. Even “Date Night” might include a back, chest and eyebrow wax.

The wax bundles would be done during the menu creation and shared digitally, not just printed sitting at the salon front desk. Sharing your menu digitally will bring in new clients and spread the word about what you offer. Use social outlets, email campaigns and your website to increase your SEO with key words. Menu planning is a well thought out way to include more services that will enhance the client experience and make more money.

Promote Relaxation

Waxing isn’t meant to be a painful service like you see in fake reels, videos created by non-licensed people or in the movies. With a high-quality wax and an experienced licensed professional, waxing should be comfortable. Even more, you can promote relaxation at the end of the service with a soothing and calming add-on treatment or an additional service. Or, make it part of the service to set you apart from your competitors.

If a client is receiving a Brazilian wax and a facial, always do the Brazilian first and end with the relaxing facial. A facial can be distracting with thoughts and anxiety of the upcoming Brazilian wax. A dim room, calming music and a soothing mask post-Brazilian wax or eyebrow wax is something a client will look forward to. Even a back wax could be finalized with a cooling mask while you step out of the room for a few minutes. The extra effort will be appreciated.

Attract New Clients

New offers that attract new clients are never ending. Discounts, free gifts and special offers are often in place to bring new clients to a business. Waxing is an intriguing way to attract clients. Hair services are a more challenging way to attract new clients. Many people have a stylist they love, and people are nervous to try someone new, plus the price point might be higher, along with a longer time commitment.

Waxing is a service that many people want but don’t always schedule and might not have found a favorite service provider. A low-cost quick service that has little overhead is a compelling way to introduce clients to your business. Offer complimentary eyebrow wax, underarm wax, or bikini wax to bring in new clients.

Get Creative

Wax series, wax passes and memberships are other ways to use waxing as a tool to increase business. Professional waxing is versatile and can be customized, combined with other services and used as a stepping stone to upsell various skin care treatments. By offering a range of services, educating your clients, and creating appealing packages, you can maximize your revenue and enhance the client experience.

Cali VanAelst has become an expert in the waxing and skin care field and is a contributing writer for many industry magazines. She has been educating and inspiring estheticians for the last 15 years. Currently the National Training Director for Perron Rigot, Inc., Cali’s passion is fueled by her hands-on education and coaching of fellow estheticians. She grew a strong successful business through her Brazilian waxing, eyebrow waxing, and advanced skin care services! Cali is a podcast creator and a highly sought-after speaker and educator.

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