Top 4 Tips on Gen Z Client Treatment & Communication

Expert Tips on Treatments & Marketing for Gen Z Clients
This month we asked industry pros for their tips on treating and marketing to Gen Z clientele.

This month we asked industry pros for their tips on treating and marketing to Gen Z clientele. We have gathered expert advice from industry professionals on the Gen Z generation, and we are bringing this input to you. 

Tip 1. Speak Their Language

Debbie Jones | Bioelements

From the age of 20, we start losing collagen types I and III at the rate of 1% every year. That means the strong, fibrous and elastic matrix of Gen Z skin is beginning to weaken, inhibiting skin cell turnover and contributing to hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen depletion. It’s the perfect time to teach these clients how to establish an effective skin care agenda, so they see a visible payoff in their 30s, 40s and beyond. Gen Z loves "hero" and "holy grail" formulas, so use that language to stress the importance of broad spectrum sunscreen, hyaluronic acid and monthly custom blended facials. 

Tip 2. Customize Their Experience

Annet King | Bio-Therapeutic

Gen Z consumers are insistent on a combination of authentic experiences and uncompromising results. They demand that their time spent receiving a service be memorable, educational, efficacious and highly tailored to them all at the same time. We believe that their dream service is unlocked with a bespoke combination of technology and touch – highly personalized, authentic hands-on and sensorial experiences, enhanced with the latest skin care technology used throughout each step to address their specific skin concerns and preferences.

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Tip 3. Recommend Double Cleansing

Jade Penera | DermaQuest

One of the most useful tips for working with our Gen Z clients is to start getting them in the habit of double cleansing at night, regardless of skin type. Double cleansing at night helps to break down SPF, makeup, dirt and excess oils. Also, since most people use their heavier serums, creams and retinoids at night, cleansing every morning is super important as well. A bonus tip would be, that with all the oil and debris from our skin and hair that build up in our beds, washing your pillow cases and bed sheets at least two to four times a month will also help to avoid breakouts.

Tip 4. Keep Skin Care Transparent

Janna Ronert | IMAGE Skincare

Some of the top values for Gen Z shoppers include transparency and sustainability, and when it comes to beauty, they will choose "clean" beauty over anything else. In our research, we have discovered that the "clean beauty" category is set to be valued at $11.6 billion by 2027, a 114% increase from 2020, so it’s a no-brainer that any beauty product being targeted towards this younger demographic should focus on clean, effective ingredients that are transparently sourced. We’ve also found that Gen Z are willing to spend more on a product that is sustainable. So, my other piece of advice would be for brands to take their sustainability efforts seriously, and to consistently share the impacts of those efforts with their audience. Show the strides your brand is making, but also be open about the fact that you are always learning and seeking to improve. Customers appreciate seeing behind the scenes and hearing honestly from brands about the work that goes into creating new products and approaches.

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