4 Mistakes That Make Serums Less Effective


We can all agree that a single serum can transform your client's skin. This is why they are one of the top selling skin care products that you can offer off your retail menu. Serums can help your clients achieve their skin care goals, if they are applying them correctly. According to celebrity esthetician, Gina Marí, in an article on msn.com, there are a four mistakes clients could be making that can cause their serums to be less effective. 

1. Skipping Exfoliation

Exfoliating two to three times a week is an essential step in achieving healthy skin. If your client skips the step of ridding their skin of dead skin cells, a serum will not have the same deep penetration. Let you clients know that exfoliating will not only clean skin, but will also help their products penetrate deeper for increased results. 

2. Applying Products In The Incorrect Order

This is a big one! Your client's serum will not be as effective if they are applying it in the incorrect order. Mari explains, "You should start with your cleanser, then exfoliate if needed, then tone, then apply your serum." This process will allow the skin to create the optimal environment for products to work their magic. 

3. Using The Wrong Application Technique

Serum is best applied with a gentle patting motion. Many of your client's natural instinct will be to rub the product into their skin. You need to explain that this action can leave them with more product on their hands than their face. Mari recommends applying serum in "an upward motion" pressing the product into the skin with a light pressure.

4. Combining Incompatiable Ingredients

Often times, in skin care, simple is best. When mixing serums there is the possibility of the product's ingredients canceling each other out, leaving your client no further to their skin care goals. This can also cause irritation or skin sensitivity. Advise your clients that layering serums can sometimes limit its function, and choosing one serum to target a specific skin care concern might ensure a better result. 

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