7 Tips For Anti-Aging Neck Care

7 Tips For Anti-Aging Neck Care
The skin on our neck, chest and shoulder area is some of the thinnest skin on our bodies.

When people think about skin care and aging gracefully, many generally tend to focus on the care of the skin on their faces. However, there are other areas of skin that require just as much, if not more, care and attention. One of these areas is the neck, and while this area is just below our face, it is frequently neglected in skin care routines.

Giving at least equal attention to the neck as the rest of the face is critical, as this area is one of the first places to show signs of aging. While the aging process is a natural, inevitable part of life that should be celebrated, there are steps we can all take to help keep our skin radiant, healthy and aging well. First, let’s explore why it is important that we care for the delicate skin on the neck.

Why the Neck?

As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity and collagen, resulting in common signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. The skin on our neck, chest and shoulder area is some of the thinnest skin on our bodies, which is why age-related changes appear more quickly than in other areas of our bodies.

According to Dr. Jaimie DeRosa, our necks show early signs of aging because the “framework,” or the subcutaneous fat and bones that sit under the neck’s skin begin to diminish.1 As they diminish and volume is lost, it causes the area to sag and become lax. Dr. DeRosa also explains that the skin on our neck succumbs to wrinkles quicker than that of the face because our neck’s skin has fewer sebaceous or oil-producing glands, and as a result, fewer natural oils are produced that moisturize the skin of this delicate area.1

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Tips for Effective Neck Care

Now that we know why we should care for the neck area, let’s discuss how to effectively care for it. As spa professionals, we have the opportunity to educate clients of all ages about the importance of caring for the skin on our neck and chest, as proper care for this area can (and should) start as early as our teenage years. Proper care for the skin of our neck includes adjusting various lifestyle habits, avoiding certain ingredients and starting targeted product usage. Here are my top tips to effectively care for the skin on our necks.

1. Extend Skin Care onto the Neck

Many products used on the face should be extended for use on the neck. Use a gentle cleanser at least once daily to remove any dirt, oil or makeup from the neck and chest. Serums, facial oils, masks and moisturizers can all be extended onto the neck and chest for extra protection and nourishment. As we know, this area of the body is prone to dryness and dehydration, so incorporate products that are gentle yet deeply hydrating with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter and coconut oil to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. Incorporating a targeted treatment specifically formulated for the neck and chest can further combat specific concerns like collagen loss and deep-set wrinkles.

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Brian Goodwin is an award-winning international educator for Éminence Organic Skin Care. As a master medical esthetician, master herbalist and consultant, Goodwin leverages over 10 years of spa industry experience to bring fun, engaging education to spa professionals around the world.

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