3 Reasons Why Clients May Use Natural Products

natural skin care routine

Natural skin care has been trending for some time now, but clients considering these product may come to you with questions. Healthline spoke with licensed esthetician and beauty blog author Dana Murray about reasons to use a natural skin care routine. 

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1. Fragrance

A big benefit of switching to natural skin care, no matter what skin type, is fragrance. Natural products normally don't have harsh ingredients like fragrances, which can irritate any skin type.

2. Dry Skin

Those with dry skin can benefit from a natural routine as its can help reduce effects of heat, hot showers, arid climates, and harsh soaps, all things that can trigger dry skin.

3. Acne

Natural skin care, such as botanical products can contain hydrocolloids and antioxidants to help acne-prone skin types and oily skin types.

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