The Neck’s Best Thing


I’d bet that many of your clients, even the ones most dedicated to serious, ongoing professional skin care, are forgetting something in their ongoing quest for healthy, younger-looking skin. And surprisingly, this forgetfulness can happen even as the market for effective skin care solutions has grown tremendously in the last year.

So what are many of our clients forgetting? The neck! More specifically, these clients are not being proactive about their necks, but rather reactive. Many clients only worry about loss of firmness, sagging and lines on the neck only after these signs of aging appear.

In 2020, Google searches for the term “How to firm neck skin?” increased by a stunning 120%.1 Here’s a typical scenario of how this Google search begins: a woman who works hard to take care of her facial skin suddenly notices lines, dark spots or sagging on her neck. She doesn’t like that there’s a visible mismatch between her healthy, youthful face and her sagging neck. So, it’s off to Google for answers!

The bad news is that Google’s search results will likely promote in-office procedures that are often out of budget, or more invasive procedures like surgical lifts, which come with a real risk of complications, downtime, scars and fear. The great news is that you can offer these clients new, targeted solutions that tighten and firm skin on the neck and chest with absolutely no downtime.

The Physiology of Neck Aging

The skin on the neck and chest area is much thinner and lacks the muscle mass that the face contains; therefore, it can be much more challenging to treat as a whole, since it ages differently than the face. There are several reasons for this, both intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic aging, or chronological aging, is the natural process of skin aging due to internal influences. While we can’t entirely stop intrinsic aging, we can target the physical age signs that appear on the neck and chest. This process is largely hereditary and varies from person to person, but boils down to four main factors.

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Deborah Jones is a regional education business manager for Bioelements, and has been a licensed esthetician since 2004. She educates, trains and consults one-on-one with spas and esthetics schools, and is known for her world-class facial techniques, including personalized custom blending.

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