Growing Your Spa With On-Demand


Technology has drastically changed the way spas operate and market themselves. From online booking to social media, spas are using technology in new and innovative ways to expand and grow their businesses. Among one of the hottest trends emerging is the rise of the mobile or on-demand spa.

Zeel speaking at Face & Body Southeast

At Face & Body Southeast, one presentation took a look at this emerging trend in an effort to highlight ways spa owners can use it to grow their business. In the “Understanding Digital Spa Services and How They May Change the Future of Spa,” Charissa Beavers, director of business development Southeast for Zeel, explained how spas can utilize this trend to make money.

"The three ways a spa customer can book an appointment is either walk-in, call or go  online," said Charissa Beavers. “What happens if there are no service providers available? They will go to a different spa.”

She went on to provide insight on how on-demand services or partnering with an on-demand spa providers can capture these clients. The benefits of on-demand include:

  • Expanding service. One of the key benefits of partnering with an on-demand spa service provider is adding services to your menus. Most on-demand services will allow providers to work in your spa for a percent of the profit. This is a great way to add new treatments without hiring staff.

  • Growing client base. Some clients might not be able to make it to the spa to get a treatment. On-demand services provide an opportunity for people to receive the services that they might miss otherwise. This will allow you to grow your client base.

  • Attracting new talent. In addition to expanded services, you will be attracting professionals that might not normally be a part of your services. The new talent will bring with it new ideas and ways to grow your business.

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