How to Curate Holistic Treatments Designed for Men

How to Curate Holistic Treatments Designed for Men
By connecting the dots for men on how their skin applies to the rest of their lifestyles, they can then make decisions to align their holistic goals.

Let’s get one thing straight: you cannot have healthy skin without a healthy body. No, this does not mean one cannot achieve acne-free, glowing skin while still being unhealthy. What it means is that true, healthy skin can only be achieved when looked at from the holistic perspective of the entire body.

For some, that statement may come as a surprise. Others may be nodding in agreement. But, what is one thing everyone can agree on? You cannot have a healthy body without a healthy heart, healthy lungs, healthy diet or enough exercise.

Why would the skin be any different? The existence of millions of skin care and cosmetic products on the market has led consumers to believe that healthy skin is a product to be applied or something they can buy. The reality is that skin is an organ of the body; in fact, it is the body’s largest organ.

Since everyone knows how an unhealthy heart, lung, kidney, etc. is connected to the rest of the body, it must be accepted that the health of skin is too dependent on the system as a whole. This concept applies to men as well and even begs the question on how to get men to care about skin care.

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Connecting Health and Skin

Like any other organ, our skin has certain requirements to maintain its health. The skin itself is living and breathing, as it is comprised of millions of cells. These cells are the basic unit of life, each requiring water, oxygen and energy. When we fail to deliver these requirements to our cells, our bodily response is immediately impacted.

Any health practitioner will tell you the key to a healthy body is a lifestyle designed with a healthy diet, regular exercise and proper rest and relaxation. But, what is this really saying at the cellular level? This means that we need to give cells the right nutrients (diet), we need to have healthy blood flow (exercise), and we need to alleviate stress on our cells (rest).

Outside of the medical reasons for how our skin is connected to the rest of our health, we can anecdotally relate to the feeling of just one of these requirements being out of balance. How do you feel after (not during) an overindulgent meal? How do you feel after long periods without movement or activity? How do you feel after just one sleepless night? It does not take a doctor to diagnose the cause of any of these common ailments. Not only do we feel the effects, but they are written across our faces, quite literally.

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Michael McGuire grew up in the skin care industry and has had a personal mission to introduce men to the physical and mental benefits of skin and self care. In 2020, GM Revolution was born. Michael co-founded GM Revolution Professional Men’s Skincare as a way to educate men on holistic health with a focus on treating men’s skin from the science standpoint.

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