Achieving Brow Potential With Men

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In the beauty industry, the highest compliment we all love to hear is “You have great brows.” The brow beauty trend obsession has long been focused on women’s facial features, however, the tides are changing. Men are starting to see the true value of having a great set of brows no matter their age, lifestyle or career choice, and they are ready to bring their brow game to the top of their self-care list. They have started to notice the statement the brows can make, and they are more aware of the friend or family member who seems to possess more charm, sex appeal, or what I call the “feature attraction” by having a great set of brows. Consider celebrities such as Chris Pine, Joe Jonas, Drake or George Clooney. Brows that frame the deep-set eyes of a man can really draw you into his alluring gaze. And by the most recent numbers, the percentage of men looking for brow services is doubling every year.

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