Go Beyond the Shave with Dermaplaning

Go Beyond the Shave with Dermaplaning
Notice visible results with one treatment. Improvement in fine lines, skin texture, and no downtime!
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Men are often overlooked when it comes to offering dermaplaning treatments because not many estheticians are familiar with how to adjust their technique for men’s skin.

While more and more men are getting facials to enhance their social or professional endeavors, these services are a little slower in being incorporated into treatment menus. But men can be dermaplaned and this can increase your treatment offerings if it is incorporated into your Men’s Facials, Couple’s and Wedding Packages, or any other treatments men often choose.

Men’s skin is approximately 20% thicker than women’s skin due to containing androgen testosterone and more collagen, accounting for why men’s skin ages differently than women’s skin. Men also tend to have larger pores and oilier skin than women, making them more prone to acne and needing extractions. Add facial hair into all of that and you’ll see that dermaplaning men requires some modifications to your technique.

Learning to properly dermaplane men’s skin can improve extractions, product absorption, and your results, without causing irritation, discomfort or downtime.

DermaplanePro is introducing a Men’s Protocol; a quick course to guide you in the most effective way to work with men’s skin. You’ll learn the three main rules to follow when dermaplaning men’s faces, how to work with bearded or clean-shaven faces, and best practices for dealing with hairlines for any hair pattern on the Norwood scale.

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