79% of Spa Professionals Are Seeing More Male Clients

79% of our audience is seeing more men in their spa.
More and more men continue to go into the spa for their self care needs.

More and more men have been entering the spa space as of late, with millennial men especially leading the pack. Whether it's for grooming services or a little self-care, men have only been continuing to prioritize their skin care. 

In our recent poll, Skin Inc. discovered that 79% of our audience are still seeing more and more men come into their spa space looking for services, while 21% have not seen an increase. This leads us to one question...how are you treating this influx of male clients? 

Don't worry, if you've been struggling to figure out the balance between what they want and what they need, we've got you covered with these top reads. 

5 Reads For Understanding the Male Clientele

  1. More Men In The Spa. Educating male clients on their unique skin type while offering product and routine recommendations, will help turn new and existing male clients into loyal fans.
  2. Achieving Brow Potential with Men. Men are starting to see the true value of having a great set of brows no matter their age, lifestyle or career choice, and they are ready to bring their brow game to the top of their self-care list.
  3. The Business of Men. Learn how to focus on your male clients and show them how they deserve just as much self care, love and appreciation. See how male skin is different from female skin.
  4. 5 Trending Skin Care Ingredients for Men. Check out this list of the top 5 trending ingredients that men are looking to find in their skin care.
  5. The Difference Between Men's and Women's Skin. From oily skin to pigmentation see what skin conditions may be prone due to gender.

Bonus Men's Protocols

Don't miss out on some amazing men's treatment protocols from beard facials to intimate brightening. 

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