[VIDEO] Transforming Your Hair Removal Services Into a Waxperience

Woman Geeting Upper Lip Wax from Caronlab
Caronlab uses a special technique when performing upper lip waxes.

There always seems to be a little bit of tension from clients when coming in for their waxing services, but what if you could provide them with an experience that would put them at ease and honestly make them love their hair removal treatments? Waxing is an all year service, but it is especially picking up coming into the summer months, so make sure you are covered on all of your bases from brows to Brazilians

Skin Inc. chatted with Chanel Mak, master educator for Caronlab North America, to take a deep dive into treatment tips and techniques that can have you performing the best waxing services for your clients. The Waxperience is a term coined by Caronlab that really dives into making waxing treatments feel more like a spa service. Mak shares her favorite tidbits and tricks when it comes to waxing and how the ProHD line from Caronlab is a true game changer in the industry. Whether you love hard wax or strip wax, Mak has you covered on everything you need to know to take your waxing services to the next level. 

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