[VIDEO] Esthetician Empowerment: Leaving a Powerful Legacy in the Spa Industry


When it comes to growing and making change in any industry, you need to have conversations and take steps to make it happen. For the spa industry, there is a myriad of ways to get your voice heard and out there and to take part in some heavy hitting discussions. However, navigating the way to do this, and figuring out how to get your voice heard can be an incredibly difficult feat. 

Richard Merrill, L.E., CEO of Richard Merrill Consulting LLC, sat down with Skin Inc. so that we could start the conversation on some of these difficult or even uncomfortable topics. In a span of 30-minutes, we cover a wide range of topics from the importance of education, to being heard by your state board, to making a difference in regulatory changes. This empowering discussion leaves us helping you find your footing in creating your legacy in the ever-evolving spa industry. 

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