[VIDEO] A Holistic Approach to Customized Microcurrent Treatments

Video Interview with Pooja Johari, 7E Wellness
Skin Inc. interviewed Pooja Johari, founder of 7E Wellness to discuss how microcurrent can be a holistic treatment.
This video is sponsored by: 7E Wellness Corporation

When it comes to holistic treatments, people don't tend to link that concept with cutting edge technology. However, microcurrent is an amazing treatment that provides a myriad of benefits to the skin, while sitll being holistic. MIcrocurrent is known for helping to lift the skin while also increasing the production of collagen and elastin for a more youthful appearance. 

7E Wellness has taken a step further into providing holistic treatments through their microcurrent devices with their latest launches, including their MyoCalme. Pooja Johari, founder of 7E Wellness, sat down with Skin Inc. to dive deeper into how microcurrent can be a crucial part of providing holistic skin care to your clients. Not only that, but also how these devices can also help you customize your treatment offerings no matter what your client is looking for. 

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