[VIDEO] AI Advancements To Enhance Your Spa Business

Video Interview With Smart Skn
This video is sponsored by: Smart SKN

When it comes to using artificial intelligence (AI) in a spa setting, there has been some trepidation with the rapidly growing technology. The fear that AI is going to take away jobs from spa professionals has been prevalent, but on the contrary, this technology can actually help to rapidly enhance your spa business. 

To dive deeper into the topic of how AI can help boost spa business as well as help reduce skin care waste and provide customized treatments and retail offerings, Skin Inc. sat down with Val Neicu, CEO & Co-Founder of Smart SKN. Neicu shared how the personalization aspect of this AI tool, as well as its ability to provide real time skin analysis results can be used by estheticians to further showcase themselves as the expert in the industry. 

One thing is for sure, this technology could rapidly progress and change the game of the spa industry. 

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