[VIDEO] Customizing Your Facial Treatments

Facial at Massage Envy
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Massage Envy

Customizing your treatments to fit your client's needs is a must, but figuring out how exactly to do that can be tricky. Clients want customized skin care regimens as well as services in the treatment room. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to treating skin concerns, and clients are well aware of this. Making sure you can hear, understand and execute your clients wants and needs with unique treatment offerings is what is going to set you apart in this industry. 

Now the question remains...how do you do that? Adrianne Lackey, Skincare and Product Development Specialist at Massage Envy, sat down with us in this video interview to go over just that. We cover not only why customized facials are important, but how Massage Envy can be your guide as an esthetician to mastering this concept. 

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