Fighting Leaky Skin With a Healthy Microbiome

Video Interview with SIV Skincare
Balancing a healthy microbiome with SIV Skincare
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We've all heard about the microbiome and how important it is to make sure you keep it balanced and healthy. But, have you ever heard the term leaky skin? Think of it as leaky gut, but apply it to your actual skin. All-in-all, it is something you absolutely want your clients to avoid. When it comes to having a healthy microbiome there is a vast collection of products and treatments, and it can be hard to determine what is best. 

Maggie Walker, managing editor of Skin Inc. magazine, sat down with Isabel Vitale, Co-Founder & CEO of SIV Skincare, to take a deep dive into the science behind what having a healthy microbiome really means. SIV Skincare's approach really comes down to looking at all the skin, beyond just the face, and taking into account total body wellness as well. On top of all of that though, they have crafted a formulation for their serum that is specifically designed to enhance your treatments and the skin care you're already using in your spa. 

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