Salmon Sperm is the Latest K-Beauty Ingredient Trend

Salmon sperm is the latest K-beauty ingredient trend.
Salmon sperm DNA is trending in K-beauty ingredients.

It's no surprise that K-beauty is quickly taking over the skin care industry, with new products and trending ingredients being introduced into U.S. mainstream media and treatments rooms everyday. One of the newest ingredients gaining popularity for it's skin benefits is an unlikely source... salmon sperm DNA.

Consumer data analyst, Spate, reported that the ingredient is gaining notoriety in the South Korean skin care market, with brands using the harvested DNA in product formulations. This unique additive has been found to increase cell turnover, making it ideal for anti-aging treatments. 

While salmon sperm DNA has been the subject of multiple research studies, it has yet to be confirmed as an effective skin care ingredient. This hasn't stopped beauty companies from testing out the additive in new formulations. 

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What is Salmon Sperm DNA?

Salmon pdrn, which stands for polydeoxyribonucleotides, is sperm DNA most commonly derived from salmon trout or chum salmon. The additive works by targeting a specific protein that, when stimulated, promotes healing.1

The reported reasoning for the location of the testicles is that the genital area contains a large amount of DNA that makes it easier to extract and use in formulations. The DNA of salmon is similar to humans, so it has an increased compatibility with cellular functioning; this means that there is less of an opportunity for adverse reactions with the skin.1,2

Skin Benefits

According to beauty experts and research, salmon sperm DNA provides regenerative, anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Chemists discovered that the ingredient improved skin elasticity and collagen levels for aging skin.3

When used in skin care formulations, oftentimes found in Korean skin care products, the ingredient can also reduce inflammation and repair the moisture barrier. Salmon sperm DNA is trending in Korea because it provides "resiliency and strength" to the skin.4

Skin Types

While the ingredient can be beneficial for anti-aging and anti-inflammatory formulas, there are a few users that should steer clear. Anyone with a fish allergy, or who consumes a vegan diet should avoid products with salmon sperm DNA.

The use of this ingredient in products has been found to aid inflamed skin, but it is not a treatment for active breakouts. This should instead be used on dry skin, or skin that could benefit from its healing properties. 

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Salmon Sperm in the Spa

This trending ingredient is the perfect addition to your anti-inflammatory and anti-aging skin services. Whether you incorporate the ingredient through a product during a facial that targets signs of aging, or retail products to aid in after-care between treatments, it's sure to generate buzz amongst clients and aid in their skin care goals. 

We recommend marketing the use of this unique ingredient to gain attention from clientele, along with its endless skin benefits for dry or inflamed skin. Clients interested in the latest Korean skin care products and trends will also be interested in learning about what salmon sperm can do to amp up their services and home care routines. 


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