Acne: Cautious and Customized


Acne is a skin condition that has been experienced by countless generations with seemingly countless approaches to its treatment. Why try ancient poultices or harsh detergent-like cleansers, when there is now a holistic approach to acne treatments that not only clears the skin, but improves overall skin health. It is important to note that acne affects everyone, not just teenagers. Contrary to popular belief, acne is not caused by things like poor hygiene or greasy food. These elements can certainly exacerbate acne, but are not the root cause.

What is Acne?

First, let’s begin with understanding acne itself. Acne is an inherited disorder of the pore. Acne-prone pores shed five times more dead skin cells than a normal pore, which results in retention hyperkeratosis. Not only do skin cells, or keratinocytes, shed at an accelerated rate, these keratinocytes are also mingling with excess oil that is common within the acne-prone pore. This interaction produces a sticky consistency that is difficult for the skin to shed properly. This abnormal shedding ultimately leads to the formation of a microcomedones under the skin.

Avoid Universal Acne Kits

Stemming from retention hyperkeratosis are different types of acne that are categorized as inflamed, non-inflamed and combination (the most common).

Inflamed appears just how it sounds: red, pus-filled lesions that are often painful.

Non-inflamed acne is more stubborn than it’s counterpart, with a rough, pebble-like appearance that can be difficult to extract.

Combination is simply a mixture of the two types.

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Alex Hernandez is a licensed esthetician and the clinic manager and lead educator at the Face Reality Acne Clinic in San Leandro, CA. She became a Face Reality Certified Acne Expert in 2018 and has worked with hundreds of acne clients in her esthetics career.

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