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Retail sales are the most profitable part of a salon or spa. I could talk for days on this topic; however, I’ll make this simple, effective and to the point. Retail is a crucial part of our business. It ties the services we provide to the client and their at-home experience. Retail will generate and support our client retention along with promoting client loyalty. It’s like an insurance policy to continue the results we just spent the last hour on. I have always said it’s a shame when a client buys their skin care products from a retailer and not us. We are licensed professionals, and we study and know the physiology of the skin. Plus, our hands work with it every day. It’s time we own our beauty industry. Without us, who would do the services while being knowledgeable about the interaction of products with skin?

Your Brand, Your Products

What we sell in our salons and spas says a lot about us. Basically, the product lines being used and retailed in the salon or spa should reflect the salon or spa’s mission statement. Are the retail companies’ standards and ethics the same as yours? From animal testing to ingredients, does this align with your company? Take a look at your mission statement, and you’ll know what lines to carry. There are many lines out there. How do you know which one to choose for your business? Following are some types of product lines available to professional skin care practitioners.

Anchor Lines. These are the big companies. They spend a lot of money advertising in the media, and they help drive traffic to the salons and spas.

Exclusive Lines. These represent those that have a minimum order to carry them, along with a particular business image. They usually sell directly to the salon or spa. Exclusivity is vital with these companies, and it sets a status symbol.

Young, Trendy Lines. These lines target the millennials and are a fun and easy to use.

Men’s Line. A male line will typically have a limited number of SKUs, will be multi-purpose and will have straightforward products.

Natural/Organic Lines. These plant-based lines are often environmentally conscious.

Private Label Lines. This type of line allows you to brand your name. There are often higher profits for those carrying private label lines.

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Lisa Hs

Lisa Stewart is the owner and operator of Solia Spa in Brecksville, Ohio. She has worked in the skin care industry for more than 13 years as an esthetician and an educator. She has appeared on local television and radio and was featured in Skin Inc. magazine’s “A Good Influence” section. She has also developed her own rejuvenating retail product.

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