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Introducing the world’s healthiest addiction...hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy for wellness involves the use of “energized, targeted water” to renew and restore the body. It transforms water into a true tactile experience resulting in improved health and well-being.

Introducing Energy Water

Sebastian Kneipp was a pioneer of non-traditional medical remedies. Largely vilified by his colleagues, he is now appropriately credited as a founder of naturopathic medicine.

Naturopathy is a potent philosophy for wellness, disease prevention and the management of chronic musculoskeletal disease. Kneipp developed the concept of “healing water,” commonly referred to in wellness circles as “energy water.” He is credited for developing the “Kneipp cure,” the use of different water treatments at various temperatures and pressures to heal people. His water therapies are known contemporarily as “hydrotherapy.” Hydrotherapy can take many forms, and it is offered in a multitude of formats. At our practice, we believe in the healing properties of water, and we adhere to the original theory of therapeutic water.

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Alan Durkin, M.D., is a plastic surgeon at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery and MedSpa as well as the CEO and medical director. He specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and cosmetic breast surgery. He is certified by the American Board of Surgery and American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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