Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2015


According to Euromonitor International in its newly released Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2015 report, consumption in 2015 is increasingly being driven by the heart: consumers are making choices defined by their positive impact on the world and community through cause-linked buying, the thriving “sharing economy” or the “can-do” attitude that millennials have in common.

Malls are reinventing themselves as community hubs rather than the commercial antithesis of it. Health, tracked digitally, is often benchmarked against the progress of significant others, and rising, chatty vlogger stars are appealing to millions through their relatable stories. Individualism prevails in the heightened consumer desire to safeguard privacy, and still this conversation is shared and debated.

Consumers are also favoring greater convenience, for which they are increasingly prepared to pay. Brands cater to the trend through sharper online and offline shopping combinations and neighborhood buying options. More broadly, the blending of online and “real world” lifestyles is moving into a new, more unified phase.

Breakdown of the Top 10 Global Trends for 2015

1. Buying Convenience

  • In pursuit of quality time
  • Top-up shopping a rising star
  • More omnichannel solutions for time-poor consumers
  • 24/7 culture and convenience
  • Catering to the “trapped” consumer

2. Consumption as a Route to Progress

  • Green it!
  • Female empowerment as consumer driver
  • What design signals

3. Influencers: More Like Us

  • “A-listers” as lifestyle mentors
  • Vloggers
  • You, the consumer, are an influencer

4. Let’s Share: The Rise and Rise of Lightweight Living

  • Share today
  • Sharing buying tips
  • Consumer freedom and uncertainty in the sharing economy

5. Malls and Shopping Centers in Community Mode

  • A community and experiential focus
  • Smaller, more central shopping centers appeal to consumers
  • Emerging market shoppers are enjoying malls for their international allure

6. Millennials

  • My life, my privacy
  • Socially-conscious and less brand-loyal consumers
  • Generation pause
  • Millennials at work
  • Listening to vloggers

7. Privacy Matters

  • Is privacy a luxury?
  • Convenience versus privacy
  • The Achilles’ heel of smart devices
  • More brands promoting themselves as privacy-friendly

8. Shopping the World

  • Bringing the world to you
  • Local consumers are turning to overseas retailers in search of better value and choice
  • Shopping tourism
  • Building and retaining a client base via social media

9. Virtual to Real and Back

  • Shopping in harmony
  • Online immediacy and the real world
  • A closer online / offline world
  • Innovative digitally-themed products in the real world
  • Beware over-convergence

10. Wired and Well: Connected Health

  • Mobile fitness monitoring
  • Making headspace
  • Cyberchondria
  • Connected health campaigning


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