Electronic Launches Make Beauty Smarter


Two high-tech tools were presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas) in January 2017 that offer promise for beauty. While expensive, these new products offer innovation in hair and skin care with sensors, app-compatibility and facial recognition software.

Brush It Off

Bye, bad hair days. Hair Coach, a smart hairbrush developed by L’Oreal, detects damage levels based on acoustics, whether the user has been using conditioner, brushing patterns and whether hair is wet or dry while brushing. Data is automatically uploaded to an app for consumers to interpret and adjust hair habits.

The brush works on all hair types and weighs in at around $200. L’Oreal spent almost two years developing Hair Coach to draw off of consumer interest; hair questions take up over half of Google’s beauty-related searches.

Mirror, Mirror

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, HiMirror will give it a go. The smart mirror snaps a photo of its user, which is uploaded to an app to analyze and suggest a custom skin care regimen. Users can expect their wrinkles, fine lines, complexion, dark circles, spots, pores, and hydration and melanin content to be scrutinized. After analysis, users can set beauty goals and work toward and track progress with HiMirror.

The mirror debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in January along with Hair Coach, and costs $189–$259, depending on upgrades and model.

Source: cen.acs.org

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