App Improves MedSpa Communication With Clients


The mobile app, Untangle, has been developed to better the communication with clients in between procedures and spa and salon appointments. With a partnership between the Oklahoma Med Spa and Holsey Cosmetic Surgery, Salon and Spa, this equips the professionals with a tool that can help create connections with clients and empower consumers to work towards their beauty and wellness goals.

 “When it comes to med spa wellness, upkeep in between appointments is critical,” said Untangle founder and CEO Jenna Reese. “Untangle will allow Dr. Holsey's team to have ongoing relationships with clients so they can provide continuing education and act as a trusted advisor anytime a question or concern comes up.”

The app provides clients and patients with the chance to have one-on-one conversations with stylists, beauty, spa and wellness professionals. The app uses regimens, calendars, messaging, videos and e-commerce in order to keep clients connected to their beauty professionals.

 “Untangle allows us to share our beauty collaborations and recommendations in one place in between appointments, whether we're supporting a surgical procedure, new skin care regimen, or maintenance of a new hairstyle,” said Dr. Laura Holsey of Holsey Cosmetic Surgery, Salon and Spa. “The experience provides an unprecedented level of comfort and confidence for our customers, which is always my top priority.”

Untangle was awarded for the 2016 International Business Award’s app life-style category for its use of technology to increase communication in between appointments with clients. They will also be gathering data throughout the year in order to bring the best technology to professional and consumers for their mass-market launch in 2017.

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