Janel Luu's Go-to Winter Skin Care Routine

What's My Routine: Janel Luu
Photo courtesy of Janel Luu

It’s important to reset your routine with every change of season. My winter skin care routine is customized to help my skin deal with environmental damage and stress during winters in southern California, which can be sunny, cold and dry. Because I’m Korean, I deal with pigmentation issues. Also, my skin is oily and dry, so I need to balance the two conditions, or I could develop milia. I use a lot of regenerative products to accelerate the cell renewal process—and growth factor is the key. Once you pass 30, your skin needs added growth factors.

1. I dry cleanse with a mixture of Le Mieux Brightening Cleanser and PurErb Caviar Lime Cleansing Foam to help my hyperpigmentation and large pores. I use water to rinse. At night, if I have a lot of makeup on, I dry cleanse two or three times. Then, I hydrate and energize my skin cells by applying a mix of Le Mieux Essence Toner and Iso-Rose Hydrating Mist.

2. Next, the serious skin workout begins. Part one for rebuilding my skin is applying a mixture of Le Mieux EGF-DNA, StemCell EGF and Rx Complex Serum.

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3. Part two for rebuilding my skin is using Le Mieux Ionized Oxygen Infuser. I spray my face, neck, under the chin, décolleté and arms. Then, I apply Collagen Peptide Serum to plump up my skin and lock in the moisture.

4. Because I have combination skin and it’s easy to develop milia and whiteheads, I apply Kizo Lab Dark Circle Repair Eye Cream because it’s lightweight and regenerative. I apply layers of Le Mieux Just Glow BB Cream and put my makeup on top.

5. I finish by spraying again with the Ionized Oxygen Infuser to prevent my fine lines and wrinkles from becoming deeper. I also use the Ionized Oxygen Infuser throughout the day to reset my skin as I face the world of skin care damage. Bottom line? I use Korean skin care discipline, but I deserve this special treatment that keeps me looking years younger than my real age. Afterward, I look in the mirror and say, “You did good, girl!”

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