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Revolutionizing the creation of skin care products is just another day at the office for founder and CEO of Le Mieux, Janel Luu. With over 35 years in the industry, Luu has made endless contributions as a researcher, formulator and educator. Luu’s Korean upbringing helped develop her interest in skin care, which lead to her mission of formulating products and practices that are opposite of the status quo. Like a chef in the kitchen, she’s always working to find the best combinations of skin care staples and unique ingredients. The Le Mieux CEO has paved a new path of innovation for skin care suppliers everywhere, leading the industry in anti-aging cellular technology. Skin Inc. sat down with Luu to discuss the importance of constantly experimenting, the ingredients/products that will be popular in 2021 and how to make a company’s impact go far beyond traditional expectations.

Skin Inc. (SI): How did you get started in this industry?

Janel Luu (JL): Being Korean, I’ve always been obsessed with skin care routines. I started in the industry by identifying a lot of skin care problems my relatives and friends were having, and the skin care products they were using were not giving any relief. I had a friend who had years of suffering due to inflammation, another friend with chronic dryness and another with deep wrinkles, even though she was only in her 30s. I started developing formulas to share with family and friends to relieve their skin conditions and to make their skin healthier and more beautiful.

SI: What is the process of becoming a skin care supplier?

JL: First, you need a vision, passion and goals. Then you carry through to create a product. For the esthetic market, you need to decide how many SKUs you want, build the product out and present it through logistics, sales distribution, online and trade shows. You educate people on the product efficacy. I am the formulator and the manufacturer, so I do everything under one roof. It is running a company—not just developing product, but having distributors, educators, logistics, HR, management, staff, etc., like most companies.

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