Fillers—Less Pain, More Gain


Injection technique plays a role in patient pain after a filler, according to a new study out of the Netherlands that seeks to improve patient experience. Botulinum toxin injections are no exception to potentially painful side effects, with many patients experiencing asymmetrical pain after procedures.

The experiences of 302 Botox (BTX) and soft-tissue filler (STF) patients were examined by five esthetic-training institutes. Results showed that increased pain is primarily felt on the left side of the face, but that right-handed patients experienced more pain than their left-handed counterparts.

To help alleviate potential pain, researchers suggest using a high-G (smaller diameter), and treating patients’ left side first.

The study, and others like it, also found that:

  • Patients identified STF treatments as the more painful option of the two
  • Smaller needle sizes for BTX injections are less painful
  • Women experience more pain from facial injections than men
  • Pain is mostly perceived in the right cortex of the brain (in the right hemisphere)

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