Lip Attractiveness Levels: Thick vs. Thin Lips Post Filler Treatments

Comparison of lips with and without lip filler.
Researchers looked to discover the attractiveness level between thinner and thicker lips.

Research from the Journal of Scientific Reports compared the attractiveness of lips with different volumes after filling them. The sample included 16 women who undersent a lip filling procedure with hyaluronic acid, and found that thicker lips showed a worsening of the attractiveness score post lip augmentation treatment

The women were broken up into two groups. Group 1 consisted of eight women with thinner lips pretreatment. Group 2 consisted of eight women with thicker lips pretreatment. To assess the attractiveness, photographs from before and 10 days after the lip treatment were used and displayed in a Google Forms questionnaire and then sent via a messaging app to the evaluators. 

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The evaluators consisted of general dentists, dentists with degrees in facial aesthetics and laypersons. Lip attractiveness was evaluated with scores from zero to 10 with zero being the least attractive and 10 being the most. T-tests were used for the statistical comparisons. The group with thinner lips attractiveness level improved significantly after lip filling treatment. However, the group with thicker lips showed worsening attractiveness after filling. 

The group with thicker lips had significantly higher attractiveness scores than those with thinner lips. Before and after filling, thicker lips had significantly higher attractiveness scores than thinner lips. 

*Note: The amount of fillers applied to each patient must be individually evaluated. 

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