20 Tips for Crafting Client and Team Loyalty

How to Building Client and Team Reward Programs
We've got all the the tips to help you implement a loyalty program for clients and staff, empowering your spa to stand out within your community.

Loyalty programs are not a new strategy. In fact, they are used successfully by many brick and mortar, as well as online retailers across all industries. Often, our decisions on how to invest our money are driven by our connection to a specific company, brand or location. Although we all love perks and incentives, it’s important to remember that the people we connect with draw us in, creating authentic bonds that are not easily broken.

Building authentic loyalty is not simply about bringing that customer back into our doors or retaining that team member; it’s primarily about offering unique memorable experiences and connectivity that clients and staff alike elect to remain part of our business’ community. This is incredibly important since we know there are extensive choices when it comes to spas, shopping and employment opportunities.

Here are ten ideas to help you implement a loyalty program for clients and staff, empowering your spa to stand out within your community and remain top of mind.

10 Tips For Client Reward Programs

As a seasoned sales leader, I love creating client loyalty programs. I feel it is really a great way to achieve a better retention rate and ensure clients will remain loyal in purchasing retail from your spa. Discounts work because we all want to save money, but they’re not, nor should they be, your only option. Everyone loves to receive something for free, which is why loyalty programs work so well. Why not reward spa guests so that they are loyal to your business and inspired to spend money with you? You can select which tips work best for you, and in turn, they can help increase your client retention and profitability.

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1. Pick a Platform.

Not all loyalty programs are created equally depending on what platform you are using to manage your clients, which will determine what you are able to do when creating your loyalty program. Great part though, even without an operating system, you can still create a fun program that tracks your guests’ purchases for a reward.

2. Establish Loyalty Cards

Don’t have a tracking system? No worries, as you can still offer a fun way for your guests to earn rewards and track how much they spend. A simple loyalty card that you give to each guest, and you stamp every time they spend a certain amount of money works fantastically. Once the guest reaches a final total, they get a free retail cleanser or toner. A loyalty card is fun and an easy way to have this kind of program when you do not have the computer system in place that will track it for you. Who doesn’t like to get those stamps and see how close they are to their free product? Plus, it will work to help market your business through word of mouth when they show their friends the loyalty they get from their local spa.

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Maritza Rodriguez is the global vice president of marketing and communic­ations for Pevonia International and its related brands. She has worked with some of the most renowned professional skin care brands on image and marketing.

Erin Marano has worked in the spa industry for over a decade, consulting high-end spas for enhanced success. She is currently the national director of sales for Pevonia Natural Skincare, and she works directly with the Executive Team on innovative strategies for market and revenue growth.

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