Ask the Etsy: Methods for Successful Discounts

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What is the smartest method financially for offering discounts/promotions?

Great question! Marketing your business with promotions and discounts is a great way to drive new traffic and encourage existing clients to try new services and products. To get ideas… watch what the big chains are doing and see if you can tweak the same ideas.

1. Encourage gift card sales with GWPs (gift with purchase)

Example; Buy $100 gift card and the purchaser gets $10 towards a product or service.

2. Offer service and product bundles for new clients.

First time clients receive consultation, analysis of home care routine, 60 min customized treatment and starter kit. This package is everything they need to get started with you and a new routine.

3. Existing clients love GWPs. Offer seasonal add-ons and membership pricing.

Think about the promo before you offer it. How much money will it actually cost you and what is your ultimate goal. Track the success and do the math! Unless you are a new business, 3% is an average marketing budget.

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