Don't Stress: You May As Well Eat Junk!


Ohio State University presented evidence that low and high level saturated fat meals have the same effect on women when she has high stress levels. Evidence proved that healthy fats appear to look like high saturated fats with high levels of stress. Stress also has an impact on the metabolism.

Daily stressors and depression based stressors are causing higher post-meal inflammatory markers. Stress is causing there to be an increased chance of inflammation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, multiple schlerosis, chronic pain and psoriasis. An increase in stress can also cause women with diseases to have a higher post-meal blood pressure response. Depression for these women also increased the risk of hypertension.

This study included healthy breast cancer survivors to observe if the healthy versus unhealthy meals affected these women any differently. The study showed that there was no difference between breast cancer survivors and the control. Ohio State University believed that there might have been group differences between the control women and the breast cancer survivors but could not find any with either daily stressors or low level depression.

The reason to why an added stressor makes high and low level saturated fat meals look the same is unclear from this study, but it is understood that both unhealthy food and high levels of stress can be a risk to the health.

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