Klotho Findings Connected with Chronic Psychological Stress

Woman Under Stress
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According to Translational Psychiatry, advanced aging and premature morbidity and mortality are associated with chronic psychological stress.

Klotho is a pleiotropic hormone and serves the following functions:

• Regulates the aging process;

• Promotes better brain and body health;

• Regulates insulin Wnt and N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor signaling;

• Influences ion channel clustering and calcium homeostasis

• Promotes FGF23 activation;

• Provides protection against endothelial dysfunction;

• Suppresses oxidative damage and

• Aids in regulating inflammatory activity.

Comparably, both klotho’s and psychological stress’ negative impact on humans is unknown.


To address the unidentified impact, 178 healthy women who were either chronically high-stress maternal caregivers for a child with autism spectrum disorder or low-stress control mothers of a typically developing child were recruited for procedures.

Results showed participants under high chronic stress with more depressive symptoms displayed significantly lower levels of the klotho hormone in comparison with low-stressed participants. The decrease among those under high stress was age-dependent.


This outcome provided the first evidence that klotho levels are sensitive to psychosocial stressors and raise the possibility that klotho may serve as a novel biological link connecting:

• Stress,

• Depression and

• Risk for accelerated disease development.

Furthermore, these findings have important implications for understanding the aging process and may represent a therapeutic treatment for the dangerous effects of chronic psychological stress on health and well-being.

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