Stick to These 4 Spring Skin Care Tips

Spring Skin Care Tips
We've gathered the top tips for helping your clients transition from winter into fresh, spring skin!
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Spring is officially in bloom, and with that, your clients might be experiencing a transitional period in their skin. The changing of the seasons often brings new outdoor conditions that can affect your clients' daily skin care routine. 

Skin concerns for spring can often include sun damage, as temperatures start to rise, an uptick in clients experiencing oily skin due to increased sweating, and so much more. So, as the season changes, so should your seasonal services to to help address these skin issues seamlessly in treatment room. 

After speaking with a few of the sounding voices in the industry, we have complied a list of top skin care tips to recommend to your clients in and out of your spa. Whether it's the best ingredients for skin renewal, or the top products for spring skin protection, we've got them all, so you can step into spring with confidence, and the services to match. 

1. Target Skin Sensitives Caused by Seasonal Allergies

Allergy season is sadly in full swing for many during spring, which means your clients may experience symptoms like redness or irritation, dry skin, and itchy eyes or noses. While we can't do much on our end to treat these symptoms, we can use ingredients and treatment methods that can provide some relief. 

We spoke with experts at Control Corrective Skincare on the topic, and they recommended offering treatments and retails products tailored to address the skin sensitives often caused by allergies. They opt for ingredients known to provide relief from irritation and inflammation like aloe vera, chamomile, green tea extract, oat extract and cucumber extract.  

Adding these ingredients to your services will not only help you in the treatment room, but also provide a retail opportunity to market your products that contain these ingredients. You are helping your clients lessen the affects of their allergies, while also boosting customer loyalty. 

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2. Exfoliate Dead Skin Buildup From Winter

Just like many partake in bit of spring cleaning, the same can go for their skin. This is the perfect time of the year to advise your clients on an exfoliation treatment to rid the skin of the buildup that may have occurred during winter. Gone are the days of thick skin care products, and you can instead welcome refreshing, light products that provide a boost of hydration without clogging pores. 

"Spring is a great time to exfoliate the dead skin cell buildup from dry skin that has been covered with heavy creams that we use over the winter," said Joan Sutton, CEO and Founder of 707 Flora. "Consider offering your clients a deep cleansing, exfoliating facial treatment to get their skin ready for spring before the sun is in full force. Also, using a gentle exfoliant for at-home use will help clients to maintain results in between professional treatments."

This seasonal change is also the ideal time to promote replenishing and rejuvenating services. Lisa Bookman, Director of Brand Marketing and Communications for M.A.D Dermaceuticals, recommends products and services that aid in skin's cellular renewal. "Try mild chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid or lactic acid, or physical exfoliants such as a scrub. Clients can also incorporate exfoliation to their at-home skin routine via a BHA/AHA cleanser and gentle scrubs," said Bookman. 

3. Amp Up Environmental Agressor Protection

As the temperature rises, so does your clients' time outdoors. Everyone is slowly receding from the comforts of a winter spent indoors, and are interested in activities outside. This also can mean increased exposure to the elements the can oftentimes have harsh effects on their skin. Some of these effects can include aging, clogged pores and dull skin. To combat these aggressors, Bookman had a few recommendations. 

"To address these environmental aggressors, look for products formulated with peptides, amino acids and exfoliating properties to renew the skin and deliver smoothing, protecting and hydrating benefits."

Many clients could be unaware to the fact that there are other environmental aggressors for their skin besides the sun. So, it's important for you, as the esthetician, to provide this education and advice on the correct products to use to reduce their exposure as they head into the warmer months. 

4. Advise Increased Sun Protection 

Last, but certainty not least: Sun protection is a MUST all year long, but especially during spring and summer. This can mean many things for you in the treatment room and in the retail products you sell to clients. It's of the utmost importance that you educate your clients on proper sun protection. If not, this can undo your work during treatments, and any maintenance at home with their skin care routine. 

"Remember to always instruct clients to wear a sunscreen with a SPF 30 or higher everyday, especially after exfoliating the skin, whether in the treatment room or at-home," recommends Sutton. 

Spring is a season of new beginnings, and the ideal time to instill a regimented skin care routine with your clients to make the seasonal change as easy as possible. Take the time to brief your clients on the possible changes in their skin, and the need for increased protection during these months. They will appreciate the help, and maintain their glowing skin all year long. 

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