[Guide] 3 Key Lifestyle Changes for a Healthy Complexion

Self Care Lifestlye Changes for Healthy Skin
Lifestyle changes like reducing alcohol and getting a good night's sleep can help achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Magic happens in the treatment room, but true change for your client's skin happens in their own home. A combintation of spa, skin care and self care make for an overall healthy and radiant complexion

The Isle of Paradise team shared a guide that you can pass on to your clients for them to have the ultimate healthy glow all year round. 

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1. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can cause the skin to become puffy, pale or red because of its contribution to the dilation of blood vessels under the skin. Alcoholic beverages also draw moisture out of the skin and the rest of the body, causing the skin to look and feel physically dehydrated. Over time, this can lead to aging of the skin including wrinkles and fine lines. 

Suggesting that clients reduce their alcohol consumption can aid their skin greatly in the long and short-term. Although the occasional night out is still to be expected, and you should recommend to clients that after a night out making sure to rehydrate the skin is key.

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2. Getting Physical

Obviously exercise is great for the mind and body, but it is also great for the skin. Sweating helps pores purge, leaving them healthy and clear. Exercise is also anti-aging because it improves the skin's mitochondria to the point where it acts younger, resulting in higher collagen production. 

Inform clients that a cardio or strength-training session a couple of times per week, combined with plenty of walking and gentle aerobic exercises like yoga can have great benefits for the skin. Make sure to warn clients about protecting the skin when exercising outdoors. They should also make sure to wash their face after a workout or all of that pore purging will be left sitting on the skin. 

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3. Rest Easy

Sleep is essential for regulating the mood and staying healthy, and it is crucial for skin as well. The skin regenerates overnight, so a lack of sleep can trigger inflammation which then can break down collagen and potentially increase acne. Not to mention, a lack of sleep can lead to dark under eye circles, which can stick around for a lot longer than the one night that caused them. 

Apart from recommending a good nights sleep to your clients, which is not always the easiest, make sure you are providing them with skin care that does some extra work while they sleep. Nighttime skin care can help boost what the skin does, so that healthy skin is happening even if they do not always get their recommended seven to nine hours. 

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These tips can help make your clients skin go from great to fabulous. You are the key to educating your clients so that their skin is healthy and radiant. 

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