5 Things Men Want [In Skin Care]


Skin care for men began to shift in the 1960s. At that time, women were growing tired of the expectations to be thin with curves and a gorgeous face that never aged. Women began to insist their spouses or boyfriends also start to take care of themselves. Therefore, men began to inquire about fitness centers, personal trainers and facials.

During this period, my Chicago clinic had about 50% male clientele, from blue collar workers up to bank presidents, not to mention members of the gay community where appearance is important and disposable incomes were unencumbered by wives and kids. With same sex marriage and adoptions, this landscape has changed recently, but the desire to be attractive well into the senior years persists.

Skin Is In For Men

Every few years there are male skin care campaigns with slogans like “real men take care of their skin” suggesting that it is universally thought that men relish looking as rough and aged as possible to maintain their masculinity.

Statistics show that men are going to the spa and taking care of themselves, so all you have to do is bring them in and show them results. To do this, employ these five suggestions and help men achieve better skin while boosting your bottom line.

1. Clean Environment

I was successful with male clients because my clinic looked more like a doctor’s office than a place of pampering with makeup displays and other accessories. I had those items, but they were not apparent in the reception room. Men felt familiar and comfortable in that environment, even with ladies also awaiting appointments.

2. Anti-aging Treatments

Although men look for treatments for acne and scar revision, most male treatments are predicated upon looking younger. The aging executive is worried about the duration of his job as younger blood climbs the corporate ladder. Men 40 or under are active in business and social life.

3. Simple Regimens

Keep their home regimens simple at the start, adding on everything they need slowly as they become accustomed to routine. As soon as a man sees a result, he will comply. Remember, most men adjust to routine, they normally do not drift through cosmetic counters at stores trying various samples that usually end up in a bathroom drawer.

4. Acne Treatments and "Camouflage"

Teenage boys are the least compliant, but after seeing fundamental changes in their inflamed and acneic skin, they become better clients. I recommend a treatment a week for six weeks to get ahead of the breakouts and allow the hypothalamus gland to cool down and the skin get clearer. They will be desperate to keep that status and become religious with their home care. A medical grade silicone camouflage is a life saver for these boys. It will cover the inflamed areas perfectly, will not move even during sports and never draws bacteria the way oil-based makeup does. Their mothers will be your biggest “word of mouth” advertisement, and the kids will be texting and instagramming their new “look” all over the place.

5. Clear Expectations

Men generally have a thicker corneum than women, more copious sebaceous flow and a higher plasmatic reaction then females, so your professional treatments can be a little more aggressive. Keep in mind that their pain threshold is lower and tingling sensations can be perceived as “burning,” so proconsul them on all sensations they can expect during the treatment. Male vanity will shut them up if these anomalies appear, but you may see white knuckles or feet kicking into a blur.

6. Shaving Treatments

Folliculitis, particularly in African-American men (known as razor bumps) are huge business if treated properly. These bumps occur when rapidly proliferating skin cells, like shingles on a roof, grab the flat, sharp curly hair as it grows from the beard line and redirects it back into the epidermis. Skin defense mechanisms create a granuloma-like pustule that cannot be “squeezed” like a common pimple and bleeds after shaving. This results in scattered hyperpigmentation. An alkaline cuticle removing system will alleviate this common disorder along with restoring their natural, acid mantle with a fine mist and fractionated protein oil. Their nutrient cream should contain tyrosine inhibitors and have a slightly lower PH than ordinary creams for home use.


Danné Montague-King is the founder of DMK skin care and Skin Revision, and is credited as recognizing the ability of enzymes to hydrolyze dead skin cells. He created the Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain concept. He is a known educator, author and presenter.

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