Boosting Brow Business with Threading

Threading Brow Service
See how threading can boost your brow business.

The brows are truly having their moment. Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity and carve out your corner of the industry. Threading is the oldest form of hair removal and a great way to stand out with a unique specialty. It's here to stay. Modern upgrades, like opting for the hand-tied method, make this modality an asset.

Making Connections

As a specialist in eyebrows, having shorter appointments can make it hard to fill your schedule. Connecting with other beauty professionals can help you meet new clients. Threading's flexibility lets you do a pop-up in any salon or business, showcasing your skills without extensive prep, electricity or background on a client’s skin.

Threading enables you to provide a thorough, comfortable service for your clients, allowing you to create beautiful brows without compromise. With no typical contraindications, it should be in any artist’s skill set.

Tips & Tools

You can perform threading services either with your client sitting up or lying down, depending on your comfort and confidence level, as well as your space. This service provides a full view of your workspace, minimizing errors. Your thread loop even doubles as a mapping tool, allowing you to double-check your work as you go.

Expanding Your Brow Services

As we become specialists, it’s natural to want to niche down, but remember not to limit yourself. Starting a business focused on brows doesn't limit you to hair removal. There are many other treatments to offer your brow clients. For example, threading pairs well with other treatments such as lamination. Since chemicals used for lamination are alkaline, it causes dehydration and dryness, which affects the hair and skin.

With the skin sensitized, waxing and sugaring should be avoided. In this case, threading is a great option for hair removal. It won't exfoliate or heat the irritated skin. Additionally, some skin care products and procedures can lead to skin sensitivity. Since threading only removes hair and doesn't exfoliate, you can do it before or after skin treatments.

Business Breakdown

A new service offering can be daunting to invest in with rising costs of supplies, but threading is affordable with low starting costs and overhead. It can draw in new customers and be an opportunity to run a fun promo. A spool of thread costs around five dollars and lasts about six months with daily use. Additionally, one spool of thread works for all hair and skin types.

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Show Your Expertise

We want our clients to view us as the expert when it comes to their brows. When you offer various hair removal options, it shows your expertise, as well as your commitment to your work and clients. To stay an expert, you must always keep learning about the subject you're passionate about. Keeping up with education, science and trends in this rapidly growing industry can be overwhelming, but it's important. As the beauty industry grows, so can your business. The best way to do that is by keeping yourself apprised of industry changes.

Our clients can now access information through social media and the internet. These platforms can lead them to a new treatment, but they may not know that it isn’t the best option for them. Your job is to suggest the best treatment route and explain why it's a better choice for their needs.

Client Consultations

You’ll find that most of your clients have likely curated a basic skin care or makeup routine. Having a thorough discussion with your clients beforehand about their routine lessens worry and prevents potential problems. When choosing a hair removal method, discussing the client's skin care routine is important.

Clients are using more products with actives than ever before. Identifying the ingredients in skin care and cosmetic products can be challenging, especially since most clients know why they use products, but not what is in them. Many terms are used for the same products; companies tend to use trendy phrases to attract customers, but they don't explain how they solve problems or what to avoid. Some consumers don't know how active products affect the skin's reaction to hair removal, let alone understand the difference between an active or inactive product.

A professional consultation can be very helpful for this. We don’t have to completely change their routine, especially for brows, but we do need to understand the client's routine to make the right decisions. To better understand your client's needs, ask questions and learn about their lifestyle.

Simply put, your clients' lifestyles and routines are evolving. They’re more educated, determined and willing to put in the work. Beauty professionals take care of the skin to keep it healthy. Hair removal specialists should also focus on this.

Be Prepared

As a hair removal specialist, we need to prepare for any situation. Adding threading to your menu sets you up for success. We all know that tweezing a whole brow takes a long time and can be uncomfortable for the artist and client. To be more accommodating of sensitivity, you can swap the wax or sugar for thread. Plus, there is no accidental skin lifting that you have to troubleshoot or lose clients (or income) over.

Finding Success with Threading

Creating a safe and comfortable space is key for clients to rebook. Responding confidently to their concerns strengthens the relationship. Finding new clients is exciting, but it's important to also focus on your current clients. To keep a good relationship with clients, treat them well and set clear boundaries.

As a professional, the goal is to be a success and see your business and career thrive. Whether you choose to pick a specialty or opt for a one-stop shop, adding hand-tied threading to your menu will help guide your clients to their goals, and build a full and happy clientele ready to refer you to everyone they know. You’ll be ready to take on all those referrals with confidence backed by a solid skill set.

Megs Saxton has been an esthetician for seven years with a focus on brows. Threading has her heart and will forever be her preferred method of hair removal. She believes in continued education and is always learning to make your experience better than the last! Her favorite service is definitely brow lamination and is eight times certified by the best trainers in the biz. Megs strives to empower other professionals with in-depth education.

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