Top 10 Tips on What to Avoid When Waxing

Top 10 Tips on What to Avoid When Waxing
Learn the proper names of the human anatomy, and always refer to the part of the body with the correct anatomical name in a professional setting.

It’s no secret, estheticians typically don’t receive quality waxing education in school, and most have not performed a Brazilian wax until post graduate education is achieved. Very basic waxing, usually utilizing strip wax, may be part of the curriculum for most esthetic or cosmetology schools, leaving you to learn actual waxing techniques beyond graduation. To learn hard wax and advanced waxing techniques, you need to seek out education.

Where do you learn if you want to offer waxing professionally? Many estheticians and cosmetologists head to YouTube, social media or sift through professional articles and online sites to find out how to wax in a professional setting. In the search for how to wax clients effectively, don’t miss an important piece of the puzzle — what not to do regarding professional waxing.

1. Don’t Use Slang

First things first, learn the proper names of the human anatomy, and always refer to the part of the body with the correct anatomical name in a professional setting. As professionals, we need to refer to body parts in a respectable manner. It’s nails on a chalkboard when I hear an esthetician refer to the labia as “kitty,” “down-there,” or “vajayjay.”

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Imagine a doctor referring to your anatomy with these slang terms. A girl’s night out? Carry on. But in a professional setting, keep it professional. While we are speaking about the labia, when we do a Brazilian wax, we are not waxing the vagina. The vagina is internal. We also are not waxing the vulva. The vulva is the entire female external genitalia, the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris and the vaginal opening. We do not wax the clitoris or the vagina. We are waxing the pubis and the labia. Other examples are saying “underarm” instead of “arm pit,” “upper lip” instead of “mustache” and “bikini or intimate area” instead of “vagina.” And we tweeze our client’s hair, we don’t pluck, unless it’s a chicken.

2. Don’t Replace Education With YouTube

Do not get your professional education from social media videos. If you like to learn from online videos, investigate the source to be sure you are learning from a brand or individual with a solid reputation. Invest in hands-on education. We must invest in ourselves and our future by learning safe and effective techniques. Maybe there are videos that offer valuable take-aways, but hands-on training is superior. Focus on learning basic waxing techniques before diving into Brazilian waxing. Focus on your technique, and the speed will come. Remember, videos are highly edited and may not show the reality of the service being provided.

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Cali VanAelst, L.E. has been a licensed and practicing cosmetologist and esthetician since graduating from Pivot Point in 1989. She is currently the training director for Cirépil by Perron Rigot. She was selected by New City as the “Best Waxer in Chicago” and has been featured in both Allure and Chicago magazines as one of Chicago’s best.

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