6 Tips for Expertly Sculpted Brows that Wow

6 Tips for Expertly Sculpted Brows that Wow
We have gathered advice from industry professionals on brows, and we are bringing these tips to you.

This month we asked industry pros for their input on eyebrow services and products. We have gathered expert advice from industry professionals on brows, and we are bringing these tips to you. 

Tip 1: Know Your Client's Natural Brow Shape

Finding the start, arch and tail of your brow is your first step to getting a perfect brow shape for your specific facial features. You can mark these specific points with a white pencil to guide you. Then, it’s time to identify your client’s natural brow shape and work with it, while enhancing and executing that look. There are eight basic eyebrow shapes. Being completely familiar with each will enable you to map your client’s brows correctly, and when appropriate, make recommendations that best complement their features.

—Liz Lugo, The Creator of Nova Wax

Tip 2: Use Color Cosmetics to Build a Long-Lasting Treatment Plan

If your guest needs help with achieving the brows of their dreams, you can gain retail sales and pre-books by developing a long-term plan with them. Instruct them to leave the grooming to you and schedule the next few visits while you are together. In the meantime, teach them how to apply color cosmetics to define their brows. Ask them questions to determine if they are comfortable applying makeup. If they are, show them how to layer multiple brow products to define and hold their brows. If they are apprehensive or short on time, they might love a more user-friendly product like a brow gel. The cherry on top, introduce them to a brow conditioner to condition, strengthen and enhance their brows daily.

—Claire Larsen, Global Master Educator of RevitaLash Cosmetics

Tip 3: Practice Safe Microblading

Microblading, a semi-permanent tattoo for the brows, has become mainstream. This procedure uses a blade-shaped tool with a row of tiny, barely visible needles to create hair-like strikes along the brows while delivering pigment into the skin superficially. The superficial placement of the pigment allows your body to metabolize or breakdown the pigment over time (usually one to three years). Microblading, in my opinion, is not for everyone. If a patient has an oilier skin type, is sensitive or prone to irritation, I do not recommend it. Moreover, if someone is taking the prescription drug, Isotretinon also known as Accutane, they are not an ideal candidate because their skin’s ability to heal is impaired. Prior to your microblading appointment, discontinue any products with active ingredients including vitamin A derivatives like retinol or retinoids, alpha and betahydroxy acids like glycolic and salicylic acid, respectively. Prior to performing the procedure, I recommend applying a prescription strength topical numbing gel to make the procedure more comfortable.

—Dr. Lian Mack, Board Certified Dermatologist at GlamDerm

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Tip 4: Use the Right Tools for Fluffy Brows

"Fluffy brows are in but stiff, flaky brows are out. When you are looking to achieve a lifted, feathered out brow look use a flexible hold, clear gel that shapes and nourishes the brows at the same time. It’s also important to have a pro-quality styling brush to use with your brow gel for a salon-inspired look from the comfort of your own home."

—Alicia Grande, CEO & Founder of Grande Cosmetics

Tip 5: Bundle Brow Services

Bundle services for more wow factor! Nothing transforms brows more beautifully than a shaping, lamination and tint. This trio can make even the most sparse brows standout. Bundling also saves you time – one guest to consult with, pre-book and walk in and out versus three separate guests – so offer a small discount when the services are bundled together.

—Claire Larsen, Global Master Educator of RevitaLash Cosmetics

Tip 6: Offer Brow Treatments as Post Service Enhancements

We have seen and experienced clients always looking for new ways to feel and look their best. Brows are the simplest way to have someone feel more complete, more youthful and an important part of a daily routine. But, do your clients know this? Offering a natural one minute brow fill post facial, waxing or any beauty service in your business is a powerful service enhancement to guide the client on this journey. Demonstrating the transformation with one brow with a before and after, then completing the other, can create excitement and a chance for clients to purchase the product before leaving. With its versatility and niche offering, this service enhances the overall customer experience and drives retail sales when demonstrated.

—Sarah Siegel, Director of Sales for Chella

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