7 Ways to Get Creative with Masks in the Treatment Room

7 Ways to Get Creative with Masks in the Treatment Room
One of the ways that we get creative with the gaps that we have in our schedule at my salon and spa is by utilizing the new Hydrojelly mask craze.

Sometimes the dark winter months can bring not only a little dip in your mood, but a little dip in your profits as well. As clients begin to hibernate and snow days drain your schedule, it’s a great time to get creative with add-on services.

Gaps in the day can get you yawning big time when the days start to end before 5 PM. Sometimes, we are inclined to just move our last client up and head home. However, if you can get savvy in recommending additional services to your clients, you can fill that gap, solidify your client relationships and keep the steam in your engine!

Working Smarter

Working hard during these slower times to get new clients can cause some serious frustrations. Try instead to wow your existing client base with some new and exciting things to try while they are already in for services with you. Working smarter not harder is always the goal, especially during slower months.

Not having new things to offer your clients every so often can also be one of the major reasons that client’s stray. We often get caught up in our small talk or catching up on drama with clients when they arrive, that we can miss the opportunity to do what we are really there to do; make money. Make sure to take a moment to say, “I don’t want to forget to tell you I have some extra time today if you wanted to try this fun new service.” Don’t think of it as “selling,” as you’re just offering, and realize that by not offering, you may eventually lose that client.

So, that means that having these new offerings to share this winter could not only boost profits, but boost rapport with your clients and create loyalty through anticipation for future bright ideas.

Even if you are a lash or brow artist and don’t provide full facials, masks can still work for you and be easy. You don’t need to have a quiet. dark facial room with all the bells and whistles; you just need a chair or bed, a bowl, spatula and water.

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1. Hydrojelly Masks

One of the ways that we get creative with the gaps that we have in our schedule at my salon and spa is by utilizing the new Hydrojelly mask craze. These masks are highly customizable. You can mix them up easily and they peel off without any difficult removal.

My only tip is that it does take a bit of time to get used to the proper mixing ratios for the best consistency. These masks are thick and soft when you first add water and slowly harden into a mailable jelly that can be lifted easily away. That said, if you don’t get it where it needs to go quick, you’ll have a big lump in your bowl and wasted dollars in your trash.

Make sure to get thick, clean edges on your mask or you will have dry bits that are hard to remove, that get stuck on the skin and can even pull and cause pain when removed. You may want to double check after you remove the mask that there are no dry edges or mask bits stuck anywhere.

If you are trying to cover a larger area, you should mix up and apply one section at a time to get the best spread. For larger areas, you would want the mask a bit thinner to cover the area, but still thicker at the edge for easy lift off.

Also, be careful not to rinse this mask down your drains. Scrape all of your dried mask into the trash before washing your bowl, or risk some expensive cog removals.

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