6 Unique Winter Spa Treatments

winter treatment

Winter can be brutal on the skin, from dry skin to a dry scalp, this season can cause some damaging effects to the skin. 

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Pinkvilla described  spa treatments that can be beneficial throughout the winter. 

1. Hot Chocolate Massage

This massage includes a mixture of Mexican herbal compresses and chocolate to create a body rub. This is said to help relax muscle cramps and improve the circulation of blood. 

2. Pumpkin Enzyme Facial

For a facial that helps the oils in the skin, a pumpkin enzyme mixed with beta carotene and mineral salts can do the trick. This mixture can be applied on both the face and neck.

3. Pizzichilli

This is an Ayurvedic treatment that involves an oil-casting massage and heat combination that serves both for deep relaxation and relieves joint and muscle stiffness. 

4. Abhayanga

This is another Ayurvedic treatment that is done by Ayurvedic professionals who use personalized essential oils for treatment depending on specified issues. This can increase the glow and smoothness of skin as well as reduces the risk of all ailments in winter.

5. Shuddhi spice bath

This spice bath is done with traditional Indian spices like cinnamon and cardamom along with Ayurvedic herbs to help detox any pores and create a glow.

6. Butter head massage

This hair treatment can also be a DIY at home, as long as you have butter. To accomplish this, apply butter onto the scalp, massage it in and cover the head with a shower cap. After half an hour, rinse with a mild shampoo.

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