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Freeze-dried skin care is normally activated with any serum or moisturizer.
Freeze-dried skin care is normally activated with any serum or moisturizer.

Clients are actively looking for the next best thing in skin care, from amplifing performances of ingredients to the best tool to apply products with and everything in between. Now, freeze-dried skin care is taking off due to the enhanced longevity it offers as well as the positive effect it can have on the planet.

Well and Good explained how freeze-dried skin care works and what the benefits include.  

Freeze-drying is the process used to preserve the potency of the ingredients such as polyphenols, hyaluronic acid, and proteins. This occurs through a low-temperature dehydration where water is removed from the product, leaving a higher potency, Well and Good explains. 

This process helps to extend the shelf life of the product and increase potency, peaking consumers interest in this new trend. 

As for the planet's benefits? 

“Freeze-dried ingredients typically don't need to be preserved, since less water means less chance that microbial life will thrive and contaminate the ingredient” said Jenni Ewing, head of product development at Herbivore. Water is scarce resource so this minimizes consumption.

Another earth friendly benefit is the reduced carbon footprint it has. Freeze-dried products tend to come in vacuumed bags so the shipping of products is significantly less than moving containers of liquid around the world, explains Well and Good.

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