5 Innovative Device Facials From The Four Seasons Washington, DC

5 Innovative Device Facials Launched by The Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC
The new treatments invite guests to treat themselves to medically-driven treatments using Biologique Recherche skin care products.
Photo courtesy of The Spa

The Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC announced a series of luxurious facials at The Spa. The new treatments invite guests to treat themselves to medically-driven treatments in the soothing, restorative environment of the Four Seasons Spa. 

“Our guests are already raving about the new IonixLight Facial at The Spa,” says Misty Stewart, spa director of The Spa. “Paired with the immediate effects of the Biologique Recherche skin care line, our guests are seeing incredible results, offered in our relaxing and luxurious Four Seasons Spa setting.”

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Facial Treatment Launches

  1. Biologique Recherche Signature Facial: A thorough skin consultation helps the esthetician choose the best combination of products to craft each individual and customized facial. Blends of highly active botanical, marine, and biotechnical extracts combine with deeply restorative therapy for immediate and long-lasting results for all ages and skin types.
  2. Georgetown Glow Facial: This complexion boosting facial oxygenates, detoxifies and balances the skin utilizing the Booster VIP02 series of highly concentrated serums, and an oxygenating massage. High-pressure oxygen spray delivers moisture-rich oxygen into layers of the epidermis, activating cellular renewal, stimulating blood circulation and increasing hydration. Then, an Ionixlight LED Panel with negative ionized oxygen mist neutralizes free radicals, and boosts cell regeneration and collagen production.
  3. Anti-Gravity Facial: The anti-aging facial visibly lifts and contours the face. Highly effective active ingredients and 7E Wellness Myolight Microcurrent combine with full spectrum LED Light Therapy to effectively stimulate facial muscles, resulting in a more toned and lifted appearance, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and boosted elastin and collagen production.
  4. IonixLight Facial: The most effective non-invasive facial for all skin types, without discomfort or recovery time. The esthetician guides guests through a series of modalities including lymphatic drainage to stimulate lymph flow and remove toxins, Diamond Microdermabrasion to even out skin texture, and Biosonix Ultrasound to tighten and nourish the skin. Myolight Microccurents lift and firm, oxygen spray brightens skin and IonixLight LED Panel combined with negative ionized oxygen mist boost cell regeneration. 
  5. Ionixlight Facial for Pregnancy: Customized facial crafted by the esthetician for what skin needs most during pregnancy. This safe service can include lymphatic drainage, Diamond Microdermabrasion, oxygen spray, and IonixLight LED Panel with negative ionized oxygen mist. Skin is replenished for a youthful, glowing complexion.
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