[VIDEO] New Year, Microcurrent For New Skin

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It's a new year, and the perfect time to give your clients, dewy, hydrated plump skin. When  thinking about  tools to give your clients renewed skin, does microcurrrent come to mind? It should. Watch this video interview (with Added Demo)  with 7E wellness founder Pooja Johari, and learn the most common skin conditions she sees in the winter,  how microcurrent refreshes skin in a holistic, gentle way and the different types of microcurrent on the market.

Johari also discusses what types of products can be used with microcurrent, how to design treatments that incorporate microcurrent and how using microcurrent in your treatments can positively affect your bottom line. There is also a live demo of some microcurrent techniques to adopt in your spa. Did you know you could replace your massage with microcurrent? Did you know that the more your use microcurrent, the better your skin looks? Did you know that microcurrent helps improve product penetration? You do not want to miss this video.

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