Is Your Waiting Room Costing You Business?


At Face & Body Southeast, Jaclyn Peresetsky shared her tips and tricks for creating a waiting room that will entice spa visitors and clients to come back for more. 

Peresetsky challenged those in her class to analyze their current waiting room and ask themselves, "How does it make me feel?" and "Does it convey the feel of the brand within 30 seconds?" 

No Phone Zones

Waiting rooms should be thought of in a different way than they have been in the past. Younger clients are forgoing the traditional act of reading a magazine or brochure while waiting for their appointment to begin. They instead scroll through social media, email or even catch up on their favorite show via their smartphones. 

Spa business owners must work hard to connect visitors to the spa, not the device that is permanently attached to their hands. Peresetsky stressed this by saying, "If there is no connection, there will be no return."

She encouraged enforcing "no phone zones" to help clients get in the right mindset.

Welcome Clients As if It Were Your Own Home

  • Provide calming aromatherapy or massage chairs.
  • Provide charging stations for your client's mobile devices. 
  • Give a warm neck wrap enhanced with a unique essential oil that caters to their mood.
  • All new clients should have a tour so they are familiar with the spa before their appointment. 
  • Offer hair care products, self care products, mouthwash, feminine products in the bathrooms. 
  • Put out a spread of nourishing snacks, a "water of the month" and mints. 

Amazing Ambiance

  • Use the right lighting and artwork to help put the client at ease. 
  • Invest in wireless speakers so clients can choose a customized playlist in the treatment room. 
  • Strive to come across "on trend" by incorporating pops of color, inspiring words, windows and fresh light fixtures. 
  • Create interactive features such as a station offering makeup and clothing techniques. 
  • Create a client wishlist comprising treatments and products. 
  • Clients love to experience products before purchasing. Offer a tester bar to enhance the connection to the spa. 

"Wow" Features

  • Establish a focal point, including artwork, a mural or unique seating. 
  • Invest in statement pieces such as a sculpture, chandelier or the spa logo. 

Peresetsky's suggestion to the class was to think of their top 10 clients and the demographic they fall into—retired baby boomers, stay-at-home moms, young professionals—and focus on connecting with them. She stated that in order to have a truly productive waiting room it must connect with all five of the visitor's senses. 

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