Nutricosmetics Market Poised to Reach $7.3 Billion by 2025


A recent Transparency Market Research report has projected that the global nutricosmetics market will reach $7.93 billion by 2025, growing at CAGR of 5.0% between 2017 and 2025

Increase in Demand

Overall, there has been an increased interest and demand for nutrient-based cosmetic products. Among the products that are popular include supplements, beauty beverages and skin care products. Additionally, consumers are generally more aware of these products and using them to support a healthier lifestyle.

"Growing consumer awareness for natural products is the foremost factor propelling the nutricosmetics market," said a TMR analyst. “Savvy consumers are shifting toward natural products with the increasing awareness about health hazards of chemical-laden synthetic cosmetics. The introduction of newer nutricosmetics having organic elements is also a key factor driving sales of nutricosmetics.”

Barriers to Growth

However, the nutriocosmetics market still has barriers to growth. Among the biggest barriers is the lack of credibility in many products.

As new products come out, vendors are not adequately equipped to increase credibility among customers. Additionally, consumers are skeptic about the benefits of many products. 

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