5 Exciting Skin Care Trends to Look Out For

5 Exciting Skin Care Trends to Look Out For
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As an aesthetic physician with years of experience working with patients, I can tell you firsthand that social media has completely changed the way people think about skin care and the products they buy. Recent studies have found that nearly 50% of the new products people are buying are based on something they saw on social media.

Instagram and TikTok can be awesome platforms, but if your practice is anything like mine, you may hear your patients bring up a new product or service, asking if it is actually something that could be good for their skin. One of the reasons I developed my SCIN + Body philosophy, which includes skin care, collagen stimulation, injectables, and nutrition, is to serve as a guide for people wanting to look and feel their best as they age. These five skin care trends for 2024 are the ones that I can get behind.

1. Start with Skin Care to Achieve a “No Makeup” Look

There is nothing better than when patients say they feel confident in a “no makeup” look. When you take care of your skin and have a routine that works for you, a “no makeup” look comes naturally. A simple at-home skin care routine is what I recommend, which often includes a cleanser, moisturizer, healthy aging serum, and a nighttime retinol, along with a physical sunscreen. A solid skin care routine using medical-grade skin care products will help your patients achieve that fresh dewy look they are going for.

I advise my patients to start with the basics, since that will set the foundation for how to leave your home feeling confident without putting any makeup products on your face. Investing in high-quality skin care products and services will save your patients from spending more money on makeup. I recommend certain treatments or facials that focus on exfoliation, extraction and infusion to help the overall appearance of the skin. This “no makeup” trend is becoming more and more popular, and encourages people to truly be confident in their skin.

2. Pigmentation Regulation

Because many Millennial and Gen X patients are regretting their hours spent in tanning beds, and roasting in the sun with Coppertone oil, it’s all about saying “adios” to the brown spots and pigmentation that sun worshiping has left them with. The top treatment our patients are coming in for right now is BBL (BroadBand Light). If your clinic is not offering BBL yet, the time is now to jump on board. BBL uses the power of intense pulsed light to deliver amazing results for our patients through photo rejuvenation therapy. It can be filtered several different ways to give a personalized treatment, which is what patients really want. They want a treatment that is tailored specifically to them and their skin care needs. A big bonus that our patients love about BBL is that there’s no downtime and the pain is minimal. I recommend a series of three treatments and then touch-ups as needed.

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3. Regenerative Aesthetics has Entered the Building

This year skin care won’t only focus on addressing patients’ signs of aging; it’s going to try to change their cells to behave younger. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment uses patients’ blood cells to promote and speed up the skin’s healing process. PRP therapy has been around for a while now, but is an innovative form of regenerative medicine that amplifies the natural growth factors often found in our blood cells to help damaged tissue. During PRP treatments, we infuse these plasma-rich cells into the skin with careful precision. By utilizing our patients’ own cells, the PRP treatment will enhance a microneedling treatment.

This is essential for a quick recovery and better results following the procedure. If your patients are looking to tighten up their skin, improve the overall texture of their skin, acne scars, stretch marks, brown spots, and fine lines and wrinkles, then this new regenerative innovation is for your practice. Keep an eye on exosomes. You'll be hearing a lot about them in 2024! Like PRP only stronger, exosomes stimulate cellular regeneration and improve tissue health, and are being used in a wide range of aesthetic applications, from facial rejuvenation to scar reduction and more.

4. Nourishing Skin from Within

Hydration, hydration, hydration! Not drinking enough water can make your skin look older. Dehydration causes your body to pull water from your skin to maintain the concentration in your blood, which can cause your skin to feel dryer and lose elasticity, which causes wrinkles. Taking care of your body is not a fad, but keeping an emotional support water bottle on hand is a skin care trend that I’m hoping is here to stay. I advise all of my patients to intake half of their body weight in water ounces, daily.

Sleep is also another component that is important when talking about your aging skin. Your body heals your skin overnight, and if you are not getting your eight hours in, your skin will suffer. I’ve seen a recent increase in patients focusing on an adequate diet, sleep and exercise in my practice, which shows people are willing to go the extra mile to improve the quality of their skin. Proper nutrients like antioxidants and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables, along with moderate exercise can improve your circulation and boost the immune system, in turn leading to a more youthful appearance. 

5. Sun Worshipping is So 2010

Although social media can sometimes misinform patients, there are also some positive aspects that have come out of it. I am happy to see the number of people going into tanning beds is decreasing. UV light from these beds breaks down the elastin in our skin. Once elastin levels decline, every time you smile, laugh, or frown, your skin loses its ability to snap back into place, causing it to sag and wrinkle. Out with tanning beds and in with sun protection! In 2024, it’s about time that sunscreen is cool.

Sunscreen is the number-one healthy aging product that not only helps you look your best, but also protects against skin cancer. There can be a few reasons as to why some patients do not wear sunscreen, and some may believe that wearing makeup with an SPF is enough to protect their skin all day. However, most makeup has an SPF of fifteen, is chemical-based, and requires a large amount of product to provide full protection. Sunscreen in your makeup is just not enough! I place a heavy focus on educating our patients on the difference between chemical and physical sunscreen, and thankfully, they want to make sure they’re purchasing the right kind. 

I suggest keeping an eye out on these five big trends and know how to talk to your patients about them. After all, the reason we have a career in aesthetic medicine is to educate our patients on how to look and feel their best. 

Kristen M. Jacobs, M.D., International Best-Selling Author of “Live Life Beautifully (With a Little Help)” is the owner and founder of Ooh La La Spa, Anti-Aging and Wellness in Glen Carbon, Illinois. Dr. Jacobs and her team offer an extensive line of state-of-the-art aesthetic medicine procedures based on the SCIN + Body philosophy – skincare, collagen stimulation, injectables, and nutrition – as well as body and wellness services. Dr. Jacobs has nearly 20 years of industry experience and is also the owner and founder of Aesthetic Resource & Training Academy, where she teaches other medical providers the intricacies of aesthetic medicine and safety of injecting. Dr. Jacobs is also an Allergan Medical Institute faculty member, trainer, speaker and consultant. She is one of only a handful of select, certified trainers for Allergan (a world leader in medical aesthetics). To learn more, visit www.kristenjacobs.com.

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