Day Spa Association Releases Second Annual Spa and Wellness Retail Survey Analysis


As the skin care industry has moved from day spas, to medical spas, to wellness facilities, the importance of retail has grown exponentially. Retail performance has always been an indicator of what’s going on in the spa and wellness industry. In tracking how customers are spending their money, spa owners are able to strategize on how they can add to or modify the retail elements of their business. The Spa and Wellness Retail Survey offers a wealth of information in that regard, shedding light on how businesses across the nation are operating their retail.

The retail survey came about from questions posed by businesses and practitioners within the industry. Mainly, businesses were looking for assistance in finding the best lines to carry, how to merchandise more efficiently and help choosing the top trades shows to attend for their retail needs. The Second Annual Spa & Wellness Retail Survey can be downloaded from the DSA website by registering for free to become a member of the association.

DSA supports the spa and wellness community and industry by providing a one-stop resource for business development and growth as well as providing resources for continuing education. It has been connecting the community for 22 years. The DSA combined with its sister organization, the International Medical Spa Association (IMSA),  touches more than 113,000 industry contacts by mail, and close to 51,000 by e-mail.


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