Mintel Identifies Beauty Consumers' Buying Habits

Beauty and personal care product trends predict the habits of a consumer that is shared by spas. It also can help spas guide their decisions regarding what products they offer for retail sale at their spas.

The beauty and personal care consumer is beset by a number of challenges in 2010, including the ongoing U.S. recession, a multitude of often confusing choices in the beauty and personal care aisle, and differing product claims. Mintel’s exclusive consumer survey strategically approaches the beauty and personal care consumer by asking how respondents have altered their buying habits in light of these challenges. The company has recently released a report that features in-depth analysis of the following themes:


  • Whether the tough economy has impacted brand loyalty, and to what extent; and whether consumers are trading down to less expensive brands or private label
  • Key focus on the female beauty and personal care consumer, upon whom the market depends for much of its business
  • The extent to which product claims, such as multifunctional benefits and clinical testing of products, influence purchase decisions
  • The impact of race/Hispanic origin on beauty and personal care purchasing habits, including the relative lack of brand loyalty among Hispanics compared to blacks and Asians, especially where soap, cleansers, and skin care products are concerned; and the use of mass merchandisers throughout all ethnicities in the wake of the recession
  • What beauty and personal care companies are doing to attract consumer attention and maintain business as the recession continues, including special focus on the newest products and trends in the market
  • How demographics will affect the market in the coming years, including the growth of the older female population and the shrinking of the teen population, both of which are key buyers of beauty and personal care items

To order to report, log on to Mintel's Web site.

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